Solar Saver Scheme

This innovative scheme gave residents of Nelson the chance to install a solar hot water system now and pay back the installation cost as part of their rates over ten years or earlier if they wish. Each installation attracted a $1000 subsidy from central Government via the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), making it even more affordable. The scheme is now finished.

Solar hot water heating

Nelson City Council supports and encourages the use of solar hot water heating with free solar consent processing.

Why did Nelson City Council run Solar Saver?

The overall goal was to increase the uptake of solar hot water systems in the Nelson City Council area. To support this goal, the Council objectives used the targeted rate process to reduce the upfront cost for customers to reduce per unit cost and ensure high quality systems are available to customers, that perform well and save customers money.

 SolarPeak solar water heaters are available direct.

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