New Zealand Solar Experts

SolarPeak – New Zealand’s Solar Experts

SolarPeak New Zealand Limited, established in 2003, have pioneered and developed best practice techniques for evacuated tube heat pipe solar water heating applications in New Zealand.

SolarPeak initiated the first New Zealand solar thermal compliance test facility in Nelson, New Zealand. This resulted in a government benchmark of compliance standard AS/NZS2712:2007 to ensure quality and performance of solar water heating appliances in New Zealand conditions.

Since 2003 we have installed more than 4000 solar collectors across New Zealand for domestic and commercial solar powered projects.

Our solar qualifications include 20 years of physical installations together with leading technical experts to design and create off the shelf formula system designs based on methods and components that have proven durable and in New Zealand’s harsh climatic conditions.

SolarPeak’s goal is always to provide durable efficient solar systems that perform without compromise in any location.

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