Choose SolarPeak because of quality, longevity - durability and experience

SolarPeak have installed more A Grade systems than any other New Zealand owned company, EECA the Government energy guardian chose SolarPeak installations as the first showcase systems in 2007. No other solar company has the experience of SolarPeak.

Residential Solar Heating

Do you want to fit solar to your new home?

SolarPeak produce premium quality solar water heating systems that deliver unsurpassed performance and longevity. SolarPeak installers are all industry recognised experts, ensuring that your installation is of the highest standard achievable.

When building a new home, installing a SolarPeak will add little to the overall cost of your project, yet will add significant value to your lifestyle. Incorporating solar water heating into the design of the building and plumbing will deliver optimum performance and cost effectiveness, without any compromises.

A SolarPeak can be integrated with underfloor heating, gas, wetback fires, and heatpumps. Your SolarPeak dealer can offer you sound advice based upon your present and future hot water requirements.

Do you want to fit solar to your existing home?

Installing a Solarpeak to your existing home is an easy and cost effective way of reducing your energy consumption, whilst increasing the value of your property. In most cases a SolarPeak will simply 'plug' into your existing hot water cylinder, or you may wish to upgrade to mains pressure, a larger cylinder, or more modern cylinder. Your SolarPeak dealer will provide you with a quotation and sound advice as to your best options.

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